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Backed by the savvy and skill of IMG, the largest sports marketing and media company in the world, Weir Golf Design will utilize a unique, market-focused business strategy to assist developers. This strategy will capitalize on Mike’s worldwide brand and will emulate the spirit, character and vision that has made him one of the best golfers in the world.

The Mike Weir Brand:
Mike is recognized as a Canadian hero and ambassador for the country, as well as an astute businessman and a brilliant golfer whose family values and love for sport are renowned. These important attributes are key to the formation and success of Weir Golf Design.

Unique Partnership:

A course designed by Mike Weir represents more than just a celebrity endorsement. The goal of Weir Golf Design is to maintain longstanding relationships with developers and the communities they create. This is a testament to Mike’s sound business savvy, innovative entrepreneurship and the highest level of personal and corporate integrity.

The Weir-Centric Business Model:
To demonstrate the uniqueness of Weir Golf Design, the firm’s business model is based on linking the golf course and surrounding community with the wide breadth of successful Weir-centric ventures, ranging from his winery, his foundation and a golf academy.